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Dental Check-ups

Dental Check-ups North Lakes and Mango Hill

Dental check-ups, also called comprehensive examinations, help us discover if you have dental problems and help you to keep your mouth healthy.

Patients are advised to visit the dentist twice a year, depending on the health of your teeth and gums.

At your visit to Passion Family Dental North Lakes, you will receive an in-depth examination of your mouth (including your teeth, gums, soft tissue and supporting bone structure), a professional cleaning, fluoride treatment and a discussion about your dental health and your oral hygiene.

Every two years we will suggest that x-rays are taken, this is so that any underlying issues such as bone loss, hidden decay between your teeth or below the gumline can be discovered early.

Procedures During a Dental Check-up

There are two parts of a dental check-up – the examination and the cleaning.

#1 Examination

Your North Lakes dentist will examine your teeth, gums, and their surroundings for cavities and gum disease.

We will also check your bite and jaw for problems. You might also be advised to undergo dental X-rays or other diagnostic procedures.

During the examination, we might ask you about your diet, lifestyle, and oral hygiene practices. Your dentist will also ask you about any health problems you have or any medications you’re currently taking.


At this part of the check-up, your dentist will discuss with you the results of your dental examination, the effects of your medications to your oral health, and the proper care of your teeth and surrounding tissues.

If there’s a need for preventive, restorative, or cosmetic procedures, the various treatment options will be discussed with you.

Your dentist will tell you the pros and cons of each treatment, approximate costs involved and leave the final decision to you as to what treatment you prefer.

In Passion Family Dental North Lakes, we are more than happy to give you advice but, in the end, it is your mouth so your decision.

If your dentist feels your oral hygiene habits can be improved, your dentist will recommend hygiene tools and explain or demonstrate their use.

#2 Cleaning

If you need a dental cleaning, you will proceed to this step. Cleaning, or oral prophylaxis (polishing), helps remove the plaque and calculus from your teeth.

During the cleaning, your North Lakes dentist will use special tools to remove tartar. This is called scaling. An ultrasonic tip that vibrates and sprays water is gently placed onto the tooth and the tartar simply falls off.

Next, your dentist will use a hand scaler to ensure that all remaining calculus is removed, then floss will be used to make sure that everything is nice and smooth.

When you are done with scaling and flossing, your teeth will be polished.

A slightly gritty type of prophylaxis pastes (that actually tastes quite yummy) will be used to remove any surface discolouration’s remaining on your teeth.

The final step is the application of a fluoride gel. This gel helps strengthen the teeth and helps fight bacteria, it will also help with tooth sensitivity.

After this gel is applied it is recommended that patients don’t have anything to eat, drink or rinse for thirty minutes to allow the gel to have its full effect.

Scheduling Next Visit

Depending on the need for follow-up treatment, Passion Family Dental North Lakes recommends you come back for your next full exam and clean in six months.

Dental Check-ups in North Lakes and Mango Hill

Call us at (07) 3465 1199 immediately. We will attend to you with utmost urgency and care.

Our regular hours are from Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. For patients needing attention on Saturdays, Sundays, or after hours, call us to set an appointment.

We are located at Unit 4/6 Endeavour Boulevard in North Lakes.