Professional Dental Clean

The scale and clean is probably the most commonly performed treatment that a dentist does, it is also one of the most essential.

During this professional clean a dentist will remove plaque and calculus; it is possible that many of the stains caused by tea, coffee and smoking can be removed by this simple treatment.

Dentists like patients to have a thorough clean every six months, this ensures that calculus can be removed before it can cause damage to the gums and supporting bone structure.

This calculus is impossible to remove ourselves, no matter how much we brush or floss. If calculus is allowed to build up, we risk gum recession and bone loss, eventually our teeth will become lose and may even fall out.

Why Our Professional Cleans are Unlike Any Other

At Pasion Family Dental, we understand the importance of this treatment, so we make sure our patients only receive optimum care.

We take our time to make sure every surface of each tooth is thoroughly cleaned and polished. Our patients are amazed at how wonderful their teeth feel afterwards and are thankful for the time and care that we take.

This systematic treatment has a number of steps that we feel are essential to an in-depth clean, and great care is taken with each every aspect.

Our dentists will carry out the following procedures:

  • Ultrasonic Clean – this specially designed handpiece has a fine tip that vibrates rapidly (faster than a speed of sound) and effectively blasts away the plaque, calculus and stains. Water emerges from near the tip of the scaler to help cool the tip and flush away the debris
  • Hand Scaling – after removing the majority of the calculus using the ultrasonic, the dentist will then us a hand scaler to manually make sure that every bit of debris has been removed
  • Flossing – to ensure that the areas between your teeth are smooth and clean it is essential that flossing be included in your professional clean
  • Polish – using a soft rubber cup and yummy polishing paste, the dentist then removes any final staining and makes your teeth look and feel amazing
  • Fluoride – the final step in your professional clean is to have fluoride applied to the teeth. This fluoride will help restore the minerals in your teeth, inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria and help reduce sensitivity

A professional dental clean is essential in preventing dental and oral problems. In the same way we have our cars serviced by a mechanic every six months, we need to regularly go to the dentist every six months.

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