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Knocked Out Tooth

Knocked Out Tooth North Lakes and Mango Hill

It’s not uncommon for a tooth to be knocked out because of accidents, fights, sports injuries, or rough play.

A sharp blow to a tooth often can be enough to dislodge it or shear it off. Failure to take immediate action can result in loss of the tooth.

If a permanent tooth is avulsed (knocked out), there is a high chance that it will survive if it is reattached to its socket.

Every minute is crucial when the tooth is out of its socket; its survival chance is decreased as the clock ticks.

What to do

There are a few important things to remember about this kind of dental emergency.

First, you have to visit your dentist IMMEDIATELY — the chances of your knocked-out tooth being re-implanted lie within these crucial minutes.

If the knocked-out tooth is a permanent tooth, you can attempt to carefully re-implant it yourself.

But if it is a temporary tooth (also called a primary or baby tooth), do not re-implant it as this can damage the developing permanent tooth underneath the gums.

Only your dentist can determine if the temporary tooth can be re-implanted.

By 12 or 13 years old, most children should have their complete set of permanent teeth. However, if you are not sure, best let your dentist handle it.

Knocked Out Baby Tooth

  • Do not put a knocked out temporary tooth back in its socket. Reattaching the tooth may affect the growth of the developing permanent tooth under the gums.
  • See your North Lakes dentist immediately.

Knocked Out Permanent Tooth

  • Do not hold the tooth by its root. Instead, hold it by its crown.
  • If the tooth is dirty, gently rinse it with milk or saltwater solution.
  • Attempt to reattach the tooth in its socket if possible. Bite down gently on a clean gauze or a wet tea bag, keeping the tooth in place. Alfoil is also handy to help keep everything in position until you get to the dentist.
  • If you cannot replace the tooth, immerse it in milk or the patient’s saliva. Do not let it dry out.
  • Seek immediate treatment from your North Lakes dentist.

Treatment at Passion Family Dental North Lakes

  • If the tooth is re-implanted, your North Lakes dentist will check if it is properly positioned by taking an X-ray. If it isn’t, your North Lakes dentist will correct and re-implant it, numbing the area first to make the process pain-free.
  • A splinting technique is often used to keep the tooth intact. This may remain for days to weeks, depending on the severity of the damage.
  • Your recovery will be monitored to ensure that your tooth is back to normal, and infection does not develop.
  • Follow-up treatment may include root canal therapy to ensure the longevity of the tooth and avoid infection

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Knocked Out Tooth in North Lakes and Mango Hill

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