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White Fillings

White Fillings North Lakes and Mango Hill

White fillings (also known as composite fillings) are restorative and cosmetic solutions that restore parts of the tooth that have been lost due to trauma or decay.

They function and look like a part of the tooth surface and are made to last for a long time.

Benefits of White Fillings

  • Require minimal tooth preparation
  • Conservative and non-invasive treatment
  • Offer quick and long-lasting results
  • Natural tooth appearance
  • Help prevent breakage and damage
  • Bond and support the remaining tooth structure
  • Insulate teeth from extreme temperature changes

If the above-mentioned advantages made you decide to get white fillings for your damaged teeth, here are the procedures you will undergo during the process:

Consultation and Diagnosis. The first step in the process of getting white fillings is visiting your dentist for a consultation. Tell your dentist about the results you want to achieve.

Your dentist will examine your mouth to make sure that your tooth will benefit from a white filling and then discuss the procedure with you.

Preparation. If necessary, your dentist will use a local anaesthetic to numb the area around the tooth to be filled.

To prepare you for the filling, your dentist will use a drill to clean the areas that need to be filled and prepare the tooth for the filling, making sure nothing is left.

Filling. The process of filling the tooth usually starts with the dentist placing a small amount of etching or ‘shampoo’ on the tooth, after a few moments the dentist thoroughly washes off this etch.

From this point on it is essential that your tooth remains dry, so your dentist will place cottonwool rolls in your mouth to isolate the tooth. Next, a bond or “glue” will be applied.

To help set this bond the dentist will use a blue curing light. Your dentist may put in a base or a liner to protect the tooth’s inner surfaces, this liner acts in a similar way to the insulation we have in our ceilings.

After that, your dentist will place the actual filling. Small amounts of the white paste-like material (composite) are placed in the tooth and smoothed into shape, this is then hardened using the blue curing light once again.

The dentist will then smooth and shape your new filling and check that your bite is correct. To check your bite, you will be asked to bite on a small piece of blue bite paper and gently grind your teeth, this will show the dentist any high spots that still need adjusting.

Once you feel that you are biting on your teeth as normal, the dentist will give your filling a final polish. Your new filling should now look and feel smooth barely recognisable as a filling.

Passion Family Dental North Lakes provides cosmetic dental treatments to improve your confidence with the appearance of your teeth. Our dental team offers the latest technology in cosmetic dentistry.

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White Fillings in North Lakes

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