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Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment North Lakes and Mango Hill

Usually, people grimace when they think about the possibility of needing a Root Canal Treatment (RCT). Thankfully those days are long gone and the RCT process is now straight forward and quite painless – the worst part now is that you may get a sore jaw from holding your mouth open and we even have a solution for that!

When is a Root Canal Treatment needed?

Root Canal Treatment is suggested by a dentist for teeth that are infected or decayed; usually, the only other treatment option is to have the tooth removed. During this treatment, the dentist will use very fine files to gently (and remember painlessly!) remove the pulp or nerve tissue of the tooth.

Medications are then placed in the tooth to destroy any remaining bacteria. After a week or so the dentist will restore the tooth using a long-lasting material called gutta percha.

Root canal filled teeth are inclined to break and crack, because of the nature of root canal treatment and hollowing out of the tooth in the process. Dentists highly prescribe crowning most root canal filled teeth to shield them from breaks and further bacterial infections. These teeth will often darken over time, some even turn black, a crown will cover this discolouration and ensure the tooth still looks attractive.

The sad fact is that not all teeth can be restored. Your dentist will only suggest a Root Canal Treatment if your tooth has a high chance of being successful, the alternate option being an extraction.

Root Canal Treatment in North Lakes and Mango Hill

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