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Dental Health Week 2021: Keep Your Smile for Life | Passion Family Dental North Lakes

by | Aug 1, 2021 | Dental Health Week 2021

Dental Health Week is the Australian Dental Association’s major annual oral health campaign that takes place every year in the first full week of August, and this year it falls from 2 to 8 August.

The 2021 DHW campaign focuses on the importance of caring for your teeth and gums to help you to keep your smile for life.

The main oral health messages and the four key messages of this year’s Dental Health Week campaign aim to reinforce the importance of maintaining optimum oral health to keep your teeth for a lifetime:

#1 Brush teeth at least twice daily with fluoride-containing toothpaste for two minutes each time

While you can’t get rid of all the decay-causing bacteria, it is possible to control them. Regular toothbrushing helps prevent tooth decay and gum disease by reducing the amount of bacteria and plaque around the teeth and gums.

#2 Clean between your teeth every day with floss or interdental brushes

Proper flossing removes plaque build-up and food particles in places where a toothbrush can’t easily reach.

Because plaque build-up can lead to tooth decay and periodontal disease, flossing is highly recommended.

#3 Maintain a healthy, balanced diet and limit added sugar consumption

Eating nutrient-rich foods promotes healthy teeth and gums.

A balanced eating plan that includes fruits, vegetables, protein-rich foods, grains, and dairy provides essential nutrients for optimum oral and overall health.

#4 Visit your dentist for check-ups and preventive dental care

Regular dental check-ups help protect not just your oral health but also your overall health.

The examination also gives your dentist a chance to provide tips on caring for your teeth and to detect oral health problems early on — when they’re most treatable.

Take Care of Your Dental Health

It shouldn’t be a normal expectation that at some point in your life, teeth will need to be pulled because of tooth decay or gum (periodontal) disease.

Australians should expect to keep their teeth for life, and practising the four simple routines above can help people to achieve this goal.

After all, you don’t expect to lose an arm or leg, so why expect to lose any of your teeth?

Keep Your Smile for Life!

Your natural teeth are the best ones you have. While modern dentistry has amazing treatment options such as dental implants, cosmetic dentistry and dental restoration, these should be a last resort.

Hanging onto your actual teeth is a much better (and much cheaper) option.

Add these up, and you lower the chance of suffering tooth decay or gum disease. And that means less time in the dentist chair undergoing costly treatments.

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