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How to Pick the Right Dental Fillings in North Lakes

by | Oct 26, 2021 | Dental Fillings

Do you need to have a tooth filled but aren’t sure which type of filling to choose? Know which type of dental filling is right for you.

Despite the modern advances in dental hygiene and care, tooth decay remains a problem for many children and adults.

If not treated appropriately and promptly, tooth decay can lead to more serious dental health problems, including abscessed and failing teeth. This is why it is important to visit your dentist regularly so we can check for signs of tooth decay and other dental health problems.

Dental fillings are restorations used to restore the structure of teeth damaged by decay.

If you are looking for ways to repair your teeth from decay, dental fillings may help.

However, not all dental fillings are alike!

What are the types of dental fillings, and which should you choose for your teeth?

Silver Amalgam Fillings

It’s one of the most common types of dental fillings because they are strong, durable, and the least expensive among the filling materials.

Over time, silver fillings make teeth darker and weaker. They become an eyesore, especially in highly visible areas of the mouth.

Composite Resin and Porcelain Fillings

As tooth-coloured fillings, they are customised to closely match the teeth being filled. The filling material bonds directly to the tooth structure, which lends extra strength and support to the damaged tooth.

Glass Ionomer Fillings

These are also tooth-coloured and blend seamlessly with your natural teeth. Glass ionomer fillings bond with your teeth after they have been placed, so they stay firmly in place of the cavity.

Which Dental Filling Material Is Best for You?

Your North Lakes dentist will be the most helpful when choosing the best dental filling for your tooth. He will be able to recommend the material best suited for you and your needs. They will also consider your budget and your current dental condition.

You will want to consider the location of the cavity in your mouth, your dental insurance, and how severe the decay is when looking at your options.

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