5 tips to keep teeth healthy over the holidays from Passion Family Dental North Lakes

by | Dec 19, 2019 | Dentist North Lakes Tips

Christmas is almost here!

Every one of us enjoys all the foods and drinks that we prepare for the holidays, and our teeth are extremely useful in helping us enjoy them.

But it is not surprising that your oral health may not be on your priority list during the time of over-indulging, spending time with your nearest and dearest, while enjoying holiday festivities.

Here are six teeth-friendly holiday ideas, that can help you enjoy the holidays completely, for you and your family.

#1 Eat treats in one sitting

It’s far better if you eat your chocolate coins in one sitting, or as part of a meal, rather than munching on them throughout the day.

Eating sweet foods like chocolates and candies, over a long period of time, is worse for your teeth than eating it all at once.

#2 Teeth and tape don’t mix. Scissors are your tool of choice

We’ve all been there. It’s near Christmas, and you’ve left wrapping to the last minute. You’re hurriedly trying to keep the roll of paper in one hand while frantically ripping off strips of tape with your teeth.

This can damage teeth. Instead of teeth, use a pair of scissors to cut off strips of sticky tape.

#3 Be wary of the Christmas toffee and candy canes

Christmas chocolate selection boxes often come with the ever popular, but very sticky toffee sweets and at this time of year we all enjoy candy canes.

Candy canes and toffees are an accident waiting to happen if you have a dental restoration. 

Toffees have the power to pull off dental restoration such as fillings, crowns, bridges, or veneers, and candy canes are well-known to break teeth.

Try chocolates that melt and leave the mouth quickly to limit any dental damage.

#4 Counter the effects of acidic drinks with water

Christmas holidays wouldn’t be perfect without a sparkling bubbly drink, but they pack a punch on your oral health.

Did you know that Prosecco, a very popular wine, is one of the most dentally damaging drinks if drunk often? Acid, sugar and alcohol levels in Prosecco can damage your teeth, if consumed regularly.

The same concern applies to drinking a lot of soft drinks or even juice. Don’t think that because your soft drink is sugar free that it is safe for your teeth.

These drink are often high in damaging acids an can cause as much, if not more damage, to the enamel of our teeth.

Enjoy in moderation and make sure you limit the erosive effects on your tooth enamel by drinking plenty of water in between glasses.

Where possible, adding ice to your drinks decreases the risk of damage to your teeth as not only does it dilute your drink, but also reduces the amount of acid because it’s colder.

Keep in mind that chewing on ice can damage healthy tooth enamel and can break teeth, especially if you have any fillings, crowns, or bridges and also to those with sensitive teeth. The cold can also worsen dental pain.

#5 Always remember to brush

Christmas holiday is a busy time for us all but brushing your teeth regularly should not be ignored.

Be sure to brush for two minutes, twice a day. It can be helpful to you to brush your teeth as soon as you wake up and before you do anything else, to avoid forgetting.”

Make sure that you don’t forget to brush your teeth or drink water after you eat.

If you don’t brush regularly over the entire festive period, you could put your teeth and gums at increased risk of developing problems.

With the upcoming holiday season, it’s time to enjoy the most fantastic time of the year. Remember to give your oral health a little love and attention!

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