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How Long Will Dental Crowns Last? Answers from Passion Family Dental North Lakes

by | May 29, 2024 | Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are known for restoring and increasing the functionality of teeth affected by decay and trauma.

Dental crowns are prone to chipping, breaking, becoming loose, and even decaying without proper care and maintenance.

To get the most out of your dental crowns, you need to understand the proper care and habits that can help you extend the life of your crown for several years to come.

Factors That Affect Dental Crown Longevity

Dental crowns are a great option to keep your teeth healthy. A few things to keep in mind are the following:

#1 Material and Placement

Porcelain – known for its remarkable strength and beauty – is the most commonly used material for dental crowns, enabling us to imitate teeth’ natural look perfectly.

It powerfully stands out, and the full-colour matching capability makes it look natural and harmonious with your teeth.

In your consultation with your North Lakes dentist, extensive diagnostics will be done to determine the crown type that will suit your dental requirements and standards in a way that combines functionality and cosmetics.

#2 Oral Hygiene

A daily oral care routine is the most basic requirement for good dental health.

Not only are your original teeth at risk of remaining healthy, but the crowns’ durability is not sure.

Gaps in tooth hygiene can easily facilitate the proliferation of bacteria, hence when decay starts under the crown.

Consequently, following a well-rounded oral health care routine is critical, including regular brushing, flossing, and visiting the dentist’s office regularly.

By practising professional oral hygiene, you will not only protect the health of your gums and teeth but will be sure of the quality of the results for a long time to come.

#3 Dental Habits

Grinding teeth or forceful clenching can cause a lot of pressure on your teeth and dental crowns, putting their lifespan at risk.

Bruxism, formerly known as gnashing and teeth clenching, is the clinical term for applying excess pressure on teeth that might result in premature tooth deterioration or dental prosthesis.

Apart from more long-term interventions, your dentist may suggest using individually fitted night guards to provide cushion and protection by transmitting the teeth pressure while you sleep.

Furthermore, managing stress through such techniques and practising a healthier lifestyle will make it possible to prevent bruxism, which will afterwards benefit the density of dental crowns and preserve your overall oral health.

Crowns may break or become fractured, but your North Lakes dentist can fit you for a nightguard.

A nightguard is a dental appliance placed over teeth to prevent clenching and grinding.

It will significantly increase the life of your crown or other dental restorations.

Can a Dental Crown Last a Lifetime?

Dental crowns are permanent, but they may still need to be replaced after many years.

If you maintain proper oral hygiene and care, your crown can last decades or even a lifetime if it is done well.

How to Protect Dental Crowns

Maintaining dental hygiene and protecting your crowns and other restorations need the same attention.

Use these suggestions to take better care of your teeth and extend the life of your crowns:

  • Brush your teeth two times per day
  • Use toothpaste with fluoride
  • Rinse your mouth with an antibacterial mouthwash
  • Practise daily flossing
  • Limit your sugar intake
  • Stay away from sticky snacks and hard candy
  • Stop smoking and using other tobacco products
  • Avoid acidic drinks, such as juices and sodas
  • Don’t bite down on hard foods or objects
  • Practise good oral hygiene habits
  • Protect yourself with a nightguard if you frequently grind or clench your teeth during sleep.
  • Visit your North Lakes dentist yearly (or as recommended) for check-ups and cleanings.

Dental Crowns in North Lakes

Dental crowns are a brilliant solution for restoring damaged teeth but require proper care to ensure longevity.

At Passion Family Dental North Lakes, we provide professional advice and treatments to help you maintain your crowns for many years.

Putting our patients first is the best way to provide them with high-quality dental care.

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