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Is It Safe to Do Dental Procedures While Pregnant or Breastfeeding?

by | Jun 27, 2024 | Pregnant

is it safe to do dental procedures while pregnant or breastfeeding

“There might be risks to my baby if I get dental work, right?” “Do I have to get X-rays?” “It should be safe to wait until after my baby is born, right?”

We’ve heard these questions, and a few more, from women wondering whether dental care is safe during pregnancy and nursing. And we only have one short answer, “Yes!”

Routine dental care is a shallow risk, and many emergency procedures can also be performed.

And there’s a benefit to you and your child – good dental health supports overall health and improves the chances of an excellent outcome for your pregnancy.

When you schedule your appointment, it’s essential to let us know if you are pregnant, attempting to become pregnant, or nursing a kid.

That way, we can work with you to make the best decisions possible for your child. For instance, we would typically wait until after delivery before performing any elective treatments.

Let’s look at dental treatments for pregnant women and those in nursing.

Issues associated with pregnancy & nursing

Gingivitis is the most common dental issue for pregnant mothers. The hormone progesterone spikes during pregnancy, creating more acid in the mouth, which can cause gingivitis.

Your kid may be exposed to the elevated acid, which raises the possibility of an early birth and low birth weight. This is one reason regular checkups and cleans are essential during pregnancy.

Tooth decay is another risk of pregnancy. If morning sickness leads to vomiting, the acid level in your mouth increases, as does the risk of tooth decay. Advanced tooth decay can lead to cavities or even tooth loss.

Bruxism. Many pregnant or new mothers crush their teeth, which can harm them and the jaw. An unhealthy mum is not suitable for a healthy baby!

Breastfeeding mums are at an increased risk for tooth decay if they neglect brushing and flossing or don’t stay hydrated.

Nursing mothers can lose 5% of their bone mass as their children consume more calcium. This can cause gum disease, damaging the gums and causing bone loss from the jaw.

It’s critical to keep up a nutritious diet full of calcium and vitamin D throughout your nursing journey to avoid this.

These issues are why scheduling routine visits during and after pregnancy is essential.

Dental treatment for pregnant women

Be cautious about X-rays. If you regularly visit your dentist, X-rays can be put off until after delivery.

If X-rays are necessary, in cases such as trauma, your North Lakes dentist will protect you with a lead apron and collar to minimise potential X-ray exposure to your thyroid and abdomen.

The second trimester is the best for routine dental procedures. By the second semester, foetal organ development is complete.

For the mum, feelings of nausea and the chance of vomiting may be reduced, and most women should still be comfortable reclining in the dental chair. Major dental surgeries and elective treatments should be put off until after pregnancy.

Be comfortable. To prevent discomfort and pressure on the lower back while reclining in a dental chair, ask for a pillow and take frequent breaks. Also, bring headphones and your favourite music.

Seek dental treatment and have a checkup before pregnancy to eliminate any avoidable issues while pregnant.

Dental Treatment and Breastfeeding

Most treatments other than teeth whitening are safe. Anaesthetics available are safe for breastfeeding women and do not impact breast milk.

Regular checkups and cleans are essential to keep up while pregnant and breastfeeding to ensure optimal oral health.

Medicines and Nursing

Speaking with your dentist, family physician, or paediatrician before using any dental medicine is best. However, these are the general guidelines for what is deemed safe.

  • Other local anaesthetics, such as novocaine, are regarded as safe.
  • X-rays are considered safe
  • Some antibiotics are considered safe

Dental Treatment During Pregnancy and Breastfeeding in North Lakes

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