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It’s Our Birthday!

by | Nov 14, 2019 | Birthday

It is incredible to think that it is a year since we saw our first patient, and what an amazing year it has been. I will forever be grateful that fate brought Dr Sam and I together; being his dental nurse reminds me why I went into dental nursing in the first place.

To work in a practice where the patients really do come first, where caring for people rather than the mighty dollar is a priority and where making a patient feel comfortable and well cared for is the main goal, is a dream job for me.

It had been a vision of Dr Sam’s to open his own dental practice and the reality is far better than he could ever have imagined. Yes, it has been a lot of hard work and initially some trepidation that the practice would succeed, but the North Lakes and Mango Hill community have made us feel welcome and needed.

Just like a newborn baby we have grown and developed a lot in our first twelve months. We have introduced and evolved programs and systems that our patients appreciate and value, such as our loyalty program that offers great discounts, our booking system that allows patients to easily book appointments online and the various treatment promotions that we have in place.

In establishing Passion Family Dental North Lakes, Dr Sam wanted us to be more than just another dental practice offering dental treatment at an affordable price, he wanted us to be a real part of the community.

He wanted people to have a feeling of confidence, trust and family when they think of us. To achieve this, we have gone out into the community, holding free community consultation days at the North Lakes Shopping Centre and at Costco, giving talks at day care centres here in North Lakes as well as in Kallangur, Mango Hill, Kippa Ring and Redcliffe.

We have sponsored various community and sporting events such as the North Lakes Lions Trivia Night and a couple of North Lakes gyms. Letting people get to know us; letting them see that dentists don’t have to be scary.

Dr Sam, Alison and I take time to get to know our patients. We make the appointments longer so that we don’t have to rush and so that we can take our time and help our patients relax.

This way none of us are stressed. Taking the time to listen to people, to explain treatments and conditions, and to have understanding and compassion is what really sets us apart.

I have been in the dental industry for a long time and I have never worked with a dentist quite like Dr Sam. I go home at night knowing that we have done the absolute right thing for our patients.

Every time a patient leaves the practice after their treatment Dr Sam will ask me “was the patient happy?” This says a lot about the type of man Dr Sam is and what he values.

In this past year we have met some amazing people. We are truly grateful for each and every patient who has trusted their dental care with us.

Every time one of our patients takes the time to do a Google or Facebook review, we get so excited and every time we have a new patient come to the practice because of a patient recommendation we are extremely thankful. Knowing that our patients appreciate what we do for them is our greatest reward.

I am sure that Dr Sam would agree with me when I say that our favourite patients are the children that come in for a visit. We have so much fun with the little ones! These appointments often get very noisy as we show them that going to the dentist is nothing to be worried about.

The families we have had come in during this past year have been a joy to meet. We hope that the work we do is helping to ensure that the children grow into adults who understand the value of going to the dentist on a regular basis and who are confident and relaxed patients.

We have also had quite a number of very nervous patients come into the practice in our first twelve months. I like to think that Dr Sam and I have been able to work our magic on them and that they are no longer frightened to come in, or at least not as frightened as they were.

It is so rewarding for us to see nervous patients come in and to watch their confidence build and grow. I think a number of them have even surprised themselves in how they have actually developed a positive outlook when it comes to the dentist. We even have patients travel extraordinary distances just to see Dr Sam because they feel relaxed with him.

This first twelve months of Passion Family Dental North Lakes has flown by. For me, it has been refreshing to work with a dentist who genuinely cares for his patients and his staff.

I feel totally spoilt working here and will always be grateful to work in a practice that has such a beautiful heart. I look forward to seeing what the future holds for the practice as we grow and evolve even further.

If you haven’t come in to see us and are looking for a great dentist, I can’t recommend Dr Sam more highly. He is probably one of the most conservative and considerate dentists I have ever worked for, he always does his best by his patients.

By taking his time not only chatting with patients, but also when doing treatments, he always has your best interests at heart. If you have been putting off your dental treatment for any reason, let me assure you that Dr Sam is someone you can trust, we will take the uttermost care of you.

Come in and see for yourself how different we are to other practices and see why I think I am the luckiest dental assistant in town to get to work here!




Passion Family Dental North Lakes is celebrating its “FIRST BIRTHDAY” this 27 November 2019.

Enjoy FREE consultation plus free gift bonus 15% OFF on any standard treatments during birthday week.

*Terms and conditions

  • 15% discount on all standard treatments, discount applies to the relevant total invoice, excluding any retail merchandise or products, specials/discounted goods or treatments and promotional items.
  • No charge for consultations, this does not include full or recall examinations.
  • For patients with private insurance, fees will be charged through funds at regulated prices, then adjusted accordingly.

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